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About Us


We work closely with our clients in both concept development and design stages. This ensures that whatever output has been verified by the client and they are 100% satisfied with it. Our innovative and creative approach always ensures that we offer our clients customized services.


We are a young enterprise dedicated to helping businesses flourish by giving them the opportunity to put their businesses online. We are mainly focused on providing:

  • Web Hosting Services;
  • Web Designing Services; and
  • Website Consultants


We are focused on giving you the best platform to market your products and services and as such we provide you with different options to choose from. We promise to offer you solutions suited to your business industry and economic need.


We offer our clients services and products at very affordable prices. With us, you do not need to break the bank in order to have your business online. Our pricing is based on the nature of your business, the content of your website and your economic state so whatever your needs are, we are prepared to help. Also, we provide a flexible payment plan for clients who cannot pay on the spot.


Web Hosting Clients

Let's Code Africa
Let's Code Africa
Let's Code Africa

Web Designing Clients

Let's Code Africa
Michael Nimoh
The Luke Missions

Website Consultants

The Luke Missions
Let's Code Africa
Catalogo Africa


We look forward to hearing from you:

michaelnimoh@gmail.com     +255 713 178 222